When you are filthy rich, law and justice don't mean s***!

Inspired by true events, rain money on the officers of the law and the military to get away with the crimes committed.

How to play: Left click and swipe right to make it rain.

Bribe Police officers.

Pay a soldier to shoot a Public Servant to remove his shield that block the officers of the law.

Enter: MAKE - IT - RAIN!!
Left/Right Arrow: Skip to previous/next stage

4 fingers Swipe:  MAKE - IT - RAIN!!


- Team Lead / Game Designer: Saranpat Sereewiwattana

- Programmer: Charlie Sitthisakuldech

- Technical Artist: Thanapat Tassanavijitwong

- Art / Generalist: Chanatip Buranawarodomkul

- Art / Sound Designer: Swit Khomapat

This game is the result of our participation in the 48 hours Art Games Jam www.goethe.de/artgames

Category: Art & Politics

Theme: Liberty to act


MakeItRain.apk 30 MB
Make It Rain 1.0.zip 22 MB


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Thumb ups for the artists! Super cool designed with fun mechanics. Great work!

สุดยอดมากครับ :)


Niceeee ^^